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SAME BUT DIFFERENT was founded by Carolyn Levine and Jamal Bilal after years of working in film and tv and seeing the same stories, same characters and ultimately the same messages. We want to focus on showing new perspectives that challenge the status quo and remind our viewers we live in a subjective rather than objective world. The diverse, global audience we speak to demands more than reboots and remakes. More worlds, more voices, more ways to keep you entertained. The old model with a few new tricks.


Carolyn Levine

was born (along with the last 2 generations of her family) into the cinephile world of New York City. She has spent the last two years developing and producing a slate of films, television shows and documentaries under the company iDeal Partners, most recently producing HOUSE OF Z, a documentary on fashion designer Zac Posen, as well as the drama STRANGE WEATHER with Holly Hunter and Carrie Coon. STRANGE WEATHER had a gala premiere at TIFF and HOUSE OF Z was part of the opening weekend for Tribeca. Both of these films can now be found on Netflix. Before iDeal, she worked at Circle of Confusion and Technicolor Postworks. She holds a BA from Kenyon College.


Jamal Bilal

A Trinidadian-native turned Indie NY filmmaker, Jamal Bilal is an emerging Director, Writer, and Producer. Jamal has worked Production and Post-Production for projects such as WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES, BEST MAN HOLIDAY, ABC’s QUANTICO and currently CBS’ INSTINCT. As a VFX Producer at Molecule, Jamal worked on projects like NBC’s RISE and FX’s THE AMERICANS, and somehow finds the time to write pilots, screenplays, and comic books. His latest feature, THE LONG GOODBYE is currently on the festival circuit and screened at the Brooklyn Arts Festival among others. Jamal is based in the multi-cultural borough of Queens and is a strong supporter of diversity in the industry.




Bullet Comics
Documentary Short

In the digital age, what does it mean to go brick and mortar? For comic book buyers, the shop is everything. We interview the owner of a longstanding comic book shop in Flatbush to open our eyes not only to an endangered way of shopping, but also forming and fortifying a community at large.

The Norm
Narrative Short

A week in the life of hospice nurse Kathleen as she moves from one patient to another. As she digs through her past to rediscover what brought her into this world, Kathleen realizes what it takes to guide someone and their loved ones down this path without losing herself in the process.

The Mouse & The Lion
Narrative Short

Greene County, Virginia. January 1921. While a brutal blizzard strikes her home, Mildred, a young, steely farmer's wife, finds her husband has fallen terribly ill. That same night, Mildred discovers George, a World War I veteran, collapsed on her doorstep and hauls him inside to save his life. As he regains his strength, their growing bond unearths secrets each would rather keep hidden.